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AT HOME art Supplies

to keep you learning & creating at home 


We’ve put together some supplies for art at home or to join us online for our new Video and Live Stream Art Sessions. All of these can be ordered with just a click from amazon, OR pre-order from VIRIDIAN ART and we will have the whole pack available for curbside pick-up at either our Tarzana or Agoura locations. These are some of our favorites, and can be used in all different combinations in art making. Whether you follow along with us as we continue to provide art classes online or just want to have everything your child needs to create at home.

For your convenience, we have prepackaged everything you need to complete all of our video and live stream lessons. ORDER your ART SUPPLY KITS and we will include a free reusable artists palette and a VIRIDIAN tote. They will be available for curbside pick-up at both our Tarzana and Agoura locations.



Canson XL Watercolor Paper - This is top of our list. Quality paper is an absolute must! This is a standard in the studio. Canson XL Watercolor Paper can be used for both watercolor painting and acrylic painting project 

Black Sharpie - We will create several mixed media lessons using sharpie with watercolor and acrylic paint. Parents, we know “permanent ink” sounds scary, but the students use sharpie responsibly here in the studios all the time! And if you use the canson paper we suggest, the sharpie ink does not bleed through! 

Watercolor Paint Set- Watercolors are easy to set up and clean up. Can be used with oil pastels and acrylic paint. 

Brushes - Not all brushes are the same... some can be flimsy, and often times, the bristles fall out! Quality brushes are a definite must! These are some we recommend. 

Color Pencils- We will create several mixed media lessons using color pencils. They are versatile for shading and adding details.

Acrylic Paint Set - Fast-drying paint for a variety of uses. Solid coverage and blends easily to create realistic effects. Great for use on watercolor paper, canvases, wood, paper mache, and sculpey. We will be using these paints A LOT, sometimes in combination with watercolor, oil pastels and sculpey. Don't forget to cover your table surface and roll up your sleeves!


Paint Palette - Reuseable paint palette for acrylic paints. Expert tip: cover in Glad Press'n'Seal for easy cleanup! 

Oil Pastels - Vibrant colors to use on their own or with watercolor and acrylic paint projects.

Sculpey - Versatile polymer clay for small scale sculpting projects. Less messy than other types of clay for easy cleanup! Doesn't dry out - stays soft until baked. Parent assistance required for baking. Can be painted with acrylic paints.  

A few other things that you probably have at home:
Paper towel
Masking tape
Water cup

Wipes for cleanup

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